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    10 centuries


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    the Vessel

    of Cevennes

Heritage classes

Association RCP help intro­duce chil­dren and young people to her­itage sites. Through our teaching and tech­nical knowl­edge of vol­un­teer work, we encourage to get to know about their her­itage and its con­ser­va­tion.

Also, we organise “her­itage classes” which can last from between 1 day and 1 week. The the­o­ret­ical activ­i­ties (art, archi­tec­tural and restora­tion his­tory) and the prac­tical activ­i­ties (obser­va­tion, drawing, ini­ti­a­tion to restora­tion tech­niques) are offered to raise aware­ness amongst young people whilst at the same time involving them in com­mu­nity action.